Thursday, April 30, 2009

Because I love dreadful things

I like Heaven & Hell. Well, Black Sabbath. Well, they were Black Sabbath, even though Ozzy was gone, and they did two albums as Black Sabbath, and then didn't change their lineup but did change their name, and recorded an album as Heaven & Hell called The Devil You Know, which came out Tuesday. Basically, they're Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio instead of Ozzy. Anyway, the first song with a video from that album is called "Bible Black". I also like King Crimson. They had an album called Starless And Bible Black. It sucked. It had little to do with this song. The video for this song also sucks. Watch it suck here:

Tony Iommi, the legendary guitar player who was once in the Ozzy Sabbath and is now in the Dio Heaven & Hell, agrees. He says this video is "bloody awful". He is right. It is bloody awful.


  1. That is pretty bad alright
    Especially how it tries to make Dio look tall

  2. Sorry, but I kind of like it! Different!