Thursday, April 16, 2009

And everything comes together...weirdly.

Marilyn Chambers, the most famous soap-box model of all time, later went on, after modeling for the Ivory Snow box, to become the biggest adult film star in the world, ushering in the modern era of porn. In 2008, she stood on a different kind of soap box, running for vice-president of the United States on a ticket with a guy named Charles Jay, for the aptly named Boston Tea Party in nine states (ironically, not Massachusetts). The Boston Tea Party did not win the 2008 U.S. election, Barack Obama and the Democratic Party did. To protest the Democrats and Obama, a series of protests were organized and took place yesterday. Those protests made reference to the Boston Tea Party, the event in which tea was thrown into Boston harbor to protest taxation without representation. The protests, although ill-informed and generally stupid, were still covered by FOX News, which specializes in all things ill-informed and generally stupid. Even FOX, however, didn't cover Marilyn Chambers' run for VP. These protesters, being generally clueless, kept referring to their plan to "teabag" things, including the White House, not understanding the common definition of the term "teabag", something with which Ms. Chambers was undoubtedly familiar. But Marilyn Chambers, shining light of Ivory Snow, Behind The Green Door, and the Boston Tea Party...(Party?)...was not around to see them. She had passed away on Monday at the age of 56. Here is a tribute to Ms. Chambers, because I can put pictures on my blog but not on Cynical Cinema, and I can put audio on Cynical Cinema but not my blog:
Coincidence? Probably.


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