Friday, March 20, 2009

Some old fogeys just don't get the Guitar Hero.

Frankly, young fogeys like me don't entirely get it either. I'll play with the kids, occasionally, but I would never pick up this, or any other, video game on my own. The fact is, Guitar Hero is cool because it introduces kids to really, really good music. And some bad stuff too. Nothing's perfect. Not only that, but it's easy. Unless you're Doc. This is the screen he got after thirty seconds of missing every note on the game:

Then he threw down the controller in disgust and said this game was stupid. If I can't get it right away, it must not be worth getting...soon Randall and Woody will give it a try. Perhaps they will be less easily frustrated. Or maybe they too will dismiss Guitar Hero as a waste of time. The fact of the matter is, it IS a waste of time. But a glorious and surprisingly constructive one. This weekend is Guitar Hero weekend on CHEZ, which means songs from the game and Guitar God songs as well. And we're giving away a Wii, like the one I brought in today, and the Guitar Hero game with the Slash track pack. If you win, just give it more than 30 seconds before you give up!


  1. Guitar Hero is great. Rock Band is better. :) Both are the ONLY video games that my wife will play, and we play them often. She's now better than I am on guitar, playing many songs on expert.

    By the way, I heard you guys talking about whether Van Halen is on GH this morning. They are on Guitar Hero World Tour -- Hot for Teacher.

  2. I know 2 kids 5 years younger than me (I'm 22) who used to listen to crap like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy. Then they got Guitar Hero. Now they crank up Stevie Ray Vaughn, Heart and AC/DC. Is Guitar Hero responsible for this? Most likely.

    However, Guitar Hero and Rock Band walk a fine line. Professional Guitar Hero players? That's too far. And sadly, most kids will spend more time with a plastic guitar-shaped controller than a real 6 string. The South Park episode "Guitar Queer-o" is a great illustration of this. I refused to even touch a GH controller until I sufficiently mastered a real guitar.

  3. My nephew took up real drums after playing Rock Band drums. My wife has interest in learning real guitar. She knows it's not the same thing, but she probably wouldn't have had interest otherwise.

  4. I have to give Doc the thumbs up! I can't play Guitar hero but thats because I'm probably uncorordinated. Having said my 2 children who picked up on it just love it and the music, which means the radio gets switched less from Chez 106. They are beginning to appreciate Classic Rock, and I don't have to listen to that crap, on Hot....whatever. Keep up the great blogging Eric, it is much enjoyed.

    BTW...When is the next Poker Tourney that you usually have twice a year at Lincoln Heights Galleria? Itchin to play.