Thursday, March 12, 2009

Losing weight through brute force...and the don't knock it 'til you try it diet

I will update further tomorrow, when I go for my weigh-in and so forth. Until then, I was just sent this picture by some friends who thought I should update my facebook picture. Having not been on facebook for about two months now, I don't think I remember how to change that picture. Besides, I like the picture of my little dog. Same one I have on my profile here, or at least a similar one. But I DID think I could use this photo, if only as the "before" picture for this weight-loss business. Only time will tell if the Greco program and my altered eating habits and me working my ass off will have a serious and major result, but I promise that I will be thinner in my "after" picture than I was here!

As it stands, I need to lose a few more pounds at the weigh-in tomorrow. Although I have lost about five or six pounds more than anyone else in the contest, it goes by percentage of body weight. After all, I was the fattest when the contest began. And I will likely still be the fattest when it's all over, no matter how much I lose. But Mary is beating me right now, percentage-wise. And (I'm just guessing here - no data is published, to protect the feelings of people who are sensitive about their weight, like me) she started this contest approximately one-half my size. By my math, that means that I need to lose twice as much weight as she does in order to win. Right now I'm at 18 pounds, she's at 12. I need to make up a 6 pound shortfall in these last three weeks. I guess I'll find out tomorrow how far I need to go!


  1. Ya know Eric, that picture kinda looks good. Very teddy-bearish. Are you sure you have to go through with that wedding? Does not the stress of the mere thought of giving up total freedom cause you to lose weight? I mean think about it. Not only will there be no more sowing of wild oats; but you will also lose your freedom of thought, of action, and of behaviour. It will be so subtle that you will not even be aware of what is happening until it's too late and your identity will have been completely swallowed up and devoured until you are only a shallow shell of your former self. Does this not stress you out? Then again, some guys are just so lazy that they adapt very well to having their wives do all their thinking for them. Wishing you good luck with all that.
    Mrs. Mama

  2. Dear Mrs. Mama,
    you must be one of the ones who has been devoured to have such a horrendous view of matrimony, lol.
    D'ont worry Eric, no matter what happens, you will always look like a big Teddy Bear.