Friday, March 6, 2009

Losing weight through brute force. And now through other things as well. An update.

Because I had to change my eating habits somewhat in order to lose more weight faster, I am no longer trying to lose weight solely through brute force. And I'm a little sad about that. However, it's working out OK. I am now down to 241, which means I have lost about 20 pounds overall. I fit comfortably into jeans that I couldn't wear just three weeks ago. I notice the weight loss in odd places and for odd reasons. It never occurred to me what a chore it had been, in the past, to clip my toenails. I had just finished clipping them yesterday when I realized that I was not out of breath. Normally, I have contorted myself into so many pretzel-like formations just to reach my toes with the clippers that I am not only cramped up, but also sweating, breathing heavily, and I have done a rather half-assed job on my toenails. No more. I can reach them now!

Also, I have this ring on my finger. It's not a wedding ring, or a promise ring, or anything lame like that. Just a ring I once got with my girlfriend during one of those let's-get-rings moments. So, in a way, it's even more lame. But it of course has tremendous sentimental value. To me, it has a certain amount of sentiment attached. But to her, it means everything in the world. My ring, that is. When I take it off because it's bothering me, she gets antsy. When I take it off to work out in the basement, and I watch Family Ties while I'm working out, she accuses me of having a crush on Justine Bateman. Like Justine can see me through the TV and I want to look available. Well, she's at least half-right there. Why else would I watch Family Ties? I don't tell her that when I go to work out at Greco, I take off the ring and tie it to my shoelace, because I hate picking up weights with it on. I also keep it to myself when I take it off during a round of golf. It really is because it annoys me when I grip a club, and not because of the cart girls. If there's anything that says "off limits" more than a ring, it's a gaudy white tan-band where that ring obviously goes, normally.

Anyway, yesterday I lost it. I was noticing the day before that as I have lost weight, my fingers are also getting skinnier, and the ring slips off them quite easily. I noticed when I got into work that it had, in fact, slipped off my finger and was gone. I tore apart my car, I retraced all my steps, I searched high and low. I was in a bit of a panic, because I knew if I got home and it was sitting in my driveway, she would already have found it and she would be furious. And if I lost it at the Tim Horton's drive-thru that morning, I would never find it, and she would be even more furious. Finally, however, I discovered that it was in my lunch bag with my chili. Not in my chili, but beside it. And a crisis was averted. Thank God.

So, my fingers are skinnier, I can now clip my toenails comfortably, and shirts and pants that I thought were lost forever fit nicely once again. All is good. But I only lost two pounds this week. And if I want to win this workplace challenge thing, I need to do better than that. So I plan to ramp up my workout regimen. Because I still believe brute force is the best way to shed pounds. So now, when I finish my Greco workout today, and I go home exhausted and broken, I will get on the rowing machine for half an hour. And then I will do that again tomorrow. I have been skipping Sundays, not working out at all because I figure a one-day break is a good idea. No more. This Sunday, I am back on the rowing machine again. I will win this thing. And then I will eat cheeseburgers every day for a week.


  1. If I were you Eric, I would wait until after July to eat all those cheeseburgers lol!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Eric,
    I still think you should give the tablespoon diet a try; to speed up your metabolism.

  3. You should try a high protein low carb diet. You could still eat all the burgers you want (without the bun) and loose so much weight. I am serious try it.

  4. I am, for all intents and purposes, although not really intentionally, on a high-protein low-carb diet. The tablespoon thing just doesn't work with my schedule. If I could work from home, I might actually try it. And I will eat all those cheeseburgers the second I win! Or, the second the snow melts in my backyard and the barbecue comes back out. Whichever comes first.

  5. Hey Eric,
    Really a lot of fun reading about your diet! Keep up the good work.
    Replacing all your meats by tofu would help you lose more weight, I believe...

  6. Yes, but then I would be eating tofu. You see the problem...