Monday, March 2, 2009

Just had to throw this up here...

This is, really, a paragraph taken directly from the press release I received concerning the Tragically Hip's tour, their three appearances in Ottawa (September 26th, 27th and 28th at the NAC), and their new CD We Are The Same. Check this out - copied and pasted:

The Tragically Hip, a dozen albums and 26 years in the making, shows us once again not only why they are but who they are, snowshoeing through new land while sowing seeds for all of us secret musicians and poets and citizens hungry for a chance. And a change. We Are the Same, brings its listeners something beyond the unexpected: actual hope. Gord Downie’s lyrics—backed by a band ripe with confidence and skill—tackle what we might assume had passed far under the bridge. Bob Rock recorded and mixed We Are The Same at the band’s Bath House studio in Kingston, Vancouver and Maui.

Seriously. Are they letting Gord Downie write his own cryptic, bizarre press releases now? Snowshoeing? Secret musicians? And what's with the "hope" business? I know it's a big buzzword, but...come on! Then again, I might assume this had all passed under the bridge...

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  1. I think they were reading some of Mike Olfields (whom I do love /along with the hip)jackets. He liked cloth eared nincompoops...and so on