Thursday, February 12, 2009

The worst mega-show ever?

Or...the greatest? I have a CD at home which is one of my prize possessions. It's a compilation from the early 90s called Back2Back Hits: MC Hammer & Vanilla Ice. I can't bring myself to ever listen to it, but I display it proudly next the the rest of my ironic music - Milli Vanilli, Savage Garden, Sarah Brightman, Yngwie Malmsteen. I just plain love the fact that it exists. MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice. Together on the same CD. Magnificent mediocrity! And the time has passed, that day has gone, and we will never see the likes of those two chart-toppers again.

Or...will we? I really wanted to put this on Breaking Rock News, because I love this story. But then, it really isn't rock. Or news. Most people would not think this is news. But I have a highly-developed sense of irony, a splendid sensitivity to all that is aggressively mediocre, and this is huge Breaking News to me. Vanilla Ice, purveyor of such dreadful classics as "Ice Ice Baby" and "Play That Funky Music", will be teaming up with MC Hammer, creator of such timeless material as "U Can't Touch This" and "2 Legit 2 Quit", for a one-time, one-place, one-off show! It's not exactly a reunion, and it certainly isn't a tour, but this is a musical event that, in it's own way, is bigger than Zeppelin at the O2 arena. I can't believe this isn't more widely reported!

For those of you with way too much money, no idea how to spend it, and a highly developed sense of ironic ineptitude, the show takes place at 8:00 p.m. sharp, February 27th, at - get this - the McKay Events Centre in Orem, Utah. Whatever that is. I am crossing my fingers and hoping against hope that the show goes well. Because unlike Zeppelin, you know that success at this event might mean a tour for these guys. Oh - one more thing, to sweeten the pot. Apparently Vanilla Ice is showing up alone, having lost his entourage and posse in 1992. But MC Hammer is bringing...Twenty-four dancers and a full choir. Book your tickets now!


  1. toss in the artist formerly known as prince, and you've got yourself a party!

  2. I smell a "Tiffany and Debbie Gibson Are Still Alive" tour, along with the faint whiff of sulfur as the Horned One comes back to collect them from a tiny stage set up in a Wal Mart parking lot...

  3. Wal Mart parking lot...I like it. But this has got to be bigger than the venue they're playing. MC Hammer played in Ottawa at Bluesfest in the Gospel tent a few years back, and no one cared. Vanilla Ice could come here and MAYBE play Barrymore's, if he's lucky. But the two together, in a show, is so much ridiculous that I am willing to bet they could sell out Scotiabank. Same goes for a Tiffany-Debbie Gibson double bill! Bring it on!