Thursday, February 12, 2009

Will this be the worst TV show ever?

Yes, it will. Usually, the previews for a TV show or a movie show only the funniest, zaniest and craziest parts of that show. Or movie. If these are the funniest parts of the new Osbournes reality show, then one can only assume the show itself will be a giant pile of suck. Watch them suck here:

And now, never watch that show. Ever. (And I will give you the kids - they are at least smirk-worthy.)


  1. worst show ever? You've obviously never seen Howie Do It featuring Howie Mandel and his loveable sidekick "The Drummer"

  2. Well, at least it looks like there is some "quality" reality entertainment on the horizon

    A&E Orders Steven Seagal Reality Show