Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ummm...so what?

Here is something I really, really don't understand. Why do naked pictures of celebrities merit consideration when they are snapped by some paparazzo? I get it in some circumstances - Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan getting out of a car with no panties - that's kind of a story. Kind of. And maybe there are those who care. I don't count myself among them. But this one - I am starting to see dozens of sites talking about the *gasp* naked Naomi Watts pictures! Here is Naomi Watts walking around - and she's naked! Okay...that would be kind of neat, if no one had ever seen her naked before...

But how many people know who Naomi Watts is? Those who have seen, say King Kong? And even then, I bet most people who know her only from King Kong are barely aware of her name. Those who know her as an actress, and are therefore interested in Naomi Watts (and I count myself among those people, because she is a terrific actress) know her from say, Eastern Promises. Where we get a full-frontal Viggo Mortensen. Or from Mulholland Drive, where we get a full frontal...Naomi Watts. In one of the all time great movie lesbian scenes with Laura Harring. So...after that, who cares if we get to see some candid shot on a balcony? There must be something I'm not getting here.

If you really care about the naked pictures, you can google them. I couldn't be bothered finding them again to provide a link here. And while you're at it, you can google (as I'm sure many of you already have) "Angelina Jolie naked". Or, you can just rent Mulholland Drive and Gia. Two fine movies, by the way.

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