Friday, February 13, 2009

Just too weird not to post.

We were talking about this on the show yesterday, and I had to check out the full clip. It's just too bonkers to describe. Joaquin Phoenix, who dropped everything - all his acting jobs and his career in film - in order to grow (as Letterman upts it) a Unabomber beard and embark upon a rap career, which by all accounts has been terrible. Then he gives this bizarre, yet hilarious, interview to Letterman.

I firmly believe that this is not for real. It is easy to hide behind sunglasses and make the world think you are stoned out of your mind, even if you aren't. Casey Affleck, another superstar actor, has been following Phoenix around, videotaping his every move as he does this "career 180". Phoenix has dropped his agent completely, cut ties with everyone in the film industry, all except for Affleck. And I think this will end up being a gigantic hoax. A terrific, hilarious, fascinating hoax, but a hox nonetheless. Notice how Phoenix just makes himself look ridiculous in the interview, but never says anything that could actually get Letterman in trouble, and he never says anything offensive. He's just loopy and crazy and "totally stoned". I have no trouble believing that he is completely stoned for the interview. Perhaps that's what was called for in the hoax, and he is playing this thing to the bone.

And maybe I'm just crossing my fingers. Because if this isn't a hoax...oh Good Lord.


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