Friday, February 13, 2009

A fantastic website

This is also on Breaking Rock News, but I thought I would throw it up here too - a terrifically plausible website selling burgers "endorsed" by KISS. Actually, it goes even further and suggests that the burgers come from beef grown on the KISS-brand ranch, and so on. It's plausible because it is written with the cheesiest and lamest of double-entendres, a Gene Simmons specialty. Check it out:

Now, Gene Simmons claims that this is all just a hoax (and Rolling Stone actually investigated, finding out that it is, indeed, a hoax). But it is so fantastically plausible, since Simmons has so many products with the KISS faces and logos and whatnot on them that it is entirely conceivable that he can't keep track. Was that a coffin deal? Or a bathroom tile deal? Or was that the condoms-and-lunch-boxes-and-parrafin wax deal I was working on? Oh, right. It was the burgers. A great website, hoax or no hoax.


  1. Love the KISS BURGER website! KISS CATTLE and LOVE Gun sauce,

    Gene should open a chain for real.