Thursday, February 5, 2009

The best thing Joe Satriani has ever done?

OK. I know I'm going to get a complaint or two from a rabid Satriani fan out there somewhere. Well, probably. But although I have the occasional impetus to put Surfing With The Alien on my turntable, those moments are rare and for the most part I prefer to ignore the man. Supreme speed and incredible musicianship on the guitar do very little for me in that the sheer act of virtuosity can occasionally sap the music of it's soul. The same could be said for many classical performers (late-career Glenn Gould, or even *gasp* our very own Angela Hewitt). And Satriani isn't even kind enough to go over-the-top with his music, such that he enters the realm of the ridiculous and the campy and the hilarious, a la Yngwie Malmsteen.

So until today, I thought that the greatest contribution Satriani had made to music was Surfing With the Alien, and therefore it was a modest and fairly insignificant contribution, overall. Until today. You see, Satriani is suing Coldplay for copyright infringement. Some song they wrote sounds like some song he wrote. Or maybe they never wrote it at all. They just copied it. And for a few months now, Satriani's lawyer has been trying to serve Coldplay with papers, but the band keeps ducking the process servers. And now they are going to play at the Grammys - (they have been nominated for their Joe Satriani song). And the process servers now know where they will be and at what time. So they plan to serve them at the Grammys. And although I suspect FOX News to be a little inaccurate in reporting this rumour - it doesn't, really, make a lot of sense - Coldplay is considering NOT playing the Grammys because of the process servers. Seriously. FOX News said so. I find this unlikely, but if it DOES happen, it is the best thing Joe Satriani ever did for music. Not that it affects me. Not like I'll be watching the Grammys.

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