Sunday, January 4, 2009

Was that the greatest junior hockey game ever?

I'm talking about the Russia-Canada semi-final game yesterday. And actually, I don't really know myself. I'm really asking. Because I missed the game. I was helping a buddy move. My friend Xavier, you see, moved back to Ottawa, and he needed help unloading his truck. And I said, a long time ago, that I would be glad to help. Not realizing that on Saturday night, there were maybe better things to do. Like watching two NFL playoff games, and a World Junior semi-final for the ages. There were others supposed to help out - but many of them ended up with hockey tickets. Wish I'd thought of that. Xavier was supposed to be in Ottawa by about 5:00. So Darryl and I figured that we would miss the first NFL playoff game, but that's it. And that was fine. We'd be able to catch the hockey game, and Sens-Leafs, and the second NFL game, which was much more interesting to both of us.

Then Xavier got held up at the border. Not quite cavity-searched, but pretty close. I told him it was because he had grown a terrorist beard, but he was in no laughing mood by the time he got to Ottawa. They had a trailer attached to their U-Haul van, with their car on top of it. When they got to the border, the guards asked to see the papers for the car! The papers! Like...they were smuggling a PT Cruiser across the border under the guise of moving? I don't get it. Of course, those papers were buried in a box which was buried deep within the truck which contained all the items that comprised Xavier and Verna's entire lives. So they had to unload their entire truck at the border. And once they found the papers, and those were quickly verified, they had to pack up the entire truck again. What kind of border guards do this? OK, unpack my truck looking for drugs. Fine, search through my stuff. But asking for the papers for the car, knowing full well they are in the most difficult location imaginable? Is this just their way of getting someone else to unload all that crap FOR them, and load it all back up again FOR them? Is suspect it is.

So anyway, Xav and Verna didn't get to Ottawa until about 7:30. We'd now managed to see the whole first football game (not me though - I got stuck in some kind of Queensway shutdown at Eagleson for about an hour, and missed the first half before I got to Darryl's place). In the end, we were done at about 9:45 and I gave Darryl a ride home, getting him there with about 24 seconds left in the third period, just in time to catch the goal that tied the game with 5 seconds left. I went home, thinking there was a break before the OT. But there wasn't. And I got in my door just in time to catch the shootout. So I'm asking - was that the greatest junior hockey game ever? And as such, should I be especially sour at having missed it? And should I make Xavier and Verna buy Darryl and me extra beer for our help with the move?


  1. Fear not, Eric. The Canada-USA game on New Year's Eve was a better overall game, though the Canada-Russia game had a more dramatic ending.

  2. No offense to your friend, but what kind of ignoramous loads imporatnt documents to prove ownership of something he is moving in the BACK of the uHaul?!?!

    Kind idiotic, he should be pissed but not at the guard, at himself!

    Did he not realise it might be asked for?

  3. Amazing game, but for the record, car smuggling is a fantastic source of illegal revenue... makes sense they asked him for the papers

  4. Amazing game, but for the record, car smuggling is a fantastic source of illegal revenue... makes sense they asked him for the papers

  5. I suppose it is...but had he simply had his girlfriend DRIVE the car over the border, there would have been no problem, right? How often does someone ask for your car's papers when you're driving it at the border? IS this a regular method of car smuggling? Packing up an entire house, cramming it in a rented van, then attaching a trailer for the stolen car on the back? Seems like a pretty poor way to smuggle...

  6. I would have had the same thing happen to me. This would never have occured to me either.