Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trailer Park

I really had no idea what to expect when I went to the Centrepointe Theatre to see the Trailer Park Boys' live show last night. What are they going to do? Bubbles will sing "Liquor And Whores", I'm sure, but after that what is there? My mom's boyfriend Larry was excited about the show though, and so I fed off his enthusiasm some and accompanied him to what turned out to be a very entertaining performance. The guys are doing community service, you see, and they are forced to travel around Canada teaching people about the evils and the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. At least, that's the premise. The show starts with a puppet show after-school special about drugs and alcohol, which was easily the funniest thing of the whole night.

Then Bubbles does a song about shopping carts, we get to see a very funny slide show about Ricky's day up until that point, and the three guys stand on stage cursing up a storm, and behaving exactly the way they do in the series. Which is hilarious, and it's also exactly what we want to see. Ricky is angry and violent, Bubbles gets frustrated and nervous, and Julian has little to do except trying to calm the other two down. In fact, Julian is almost irrelevant to the stage show, which is too bad. He just wears his black shirt, walks around with his rum and coke, and delivers very few lines. Ricky is good, doing his angry let's-get-drunk-and-high thing, but really this is the Bubbles show.

After the intermission, the second half was much weaker than the first. At this point, the guys are just bringing people on stage. Some to play "Corey and Trevor", others to compete in contests. Three hot girls were selected to roll joints and bob for "turds in cat litter". Three guys were chosen to compete in an electric guitar shredding competition. Basically, it was like one of those nights at the bar where they have an emcee who gets people to participate in bar games, and the success of the event depends entirely on the willingness of the participants and the skills of that emcee. I have done a few of these myself, and some have gone over great while others have fallen flat. In this case, it could have been an incredibly boring hour if it weren't for Bubbles, who managed to zing out several terrific lines (none of which I can really repeat) off the cuff, and he alone kept the second half moving. Very funny, very sharp, that Bubbles.

The best laughs I had, however, came courtesy of Larry. Larry is just about the nicest, sweetest, most soft-spoken guy I have ever met. He says things like "golly" and "gee" and "oh, heavens" a lot. And after the first, incredibly blue, sailors-with-tourettes curse-laden set, I turned to talk to him. And the contrast between what was going on up on the stage and Larry's quiet gollys and gees and so forth was absolutely hilarious to me. It reminded me a lot of that Simpsons episode where Flanders goes to a Chris Rock show thinking he's some kind of preacher. The fact that Larry finds the Trailer Park Boys as funny as I do still shocks me a little bit.

A great show though, and totally sold out. Larry and I couldn't even find tickets together, I had to sit in front of him, jammed against the wall like sardines. Thankfully, we were surrounded by some very nice people who didn't complain that I took up the better part of two seats. I would just like to say to the gorgeous woman who was seated to my right, if she reads this - I was not trying to be fresh by gently rubbing elbows and knees with you. I was just too fat for my seat and had nowhere else to go.

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  1. It was great to be a sardine with you!!
    From the gorgeous woman in the seat in front of you!!

    Told you I read your blog!!