Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Tavares line.

It stunned me to find out, today, that Dean McAmmond and Mike Fisher still play for the Senators. I thought they had retired, and were off on some sunny golf course in Florida at some kind of pro-am. I assumed. McAmmond scored his first goal in 21 games last night. Fisher his first in 20 games. And the Senators actually won a game for the first time in weeks! The first time...this year, I think. But I don't really know. I haven't been paying any attention, at all, since it became apparent that we would not make the playoffs, and that our hockey team is terrible. But I noticed an odd feeling when I saw the final score this morning - a pang of irritation!

What are they doing winning a game? Aren't we going for the worst record? Can't we drop down in the standings so we can get one of those two coveted top draft picks? Even if we get only the second pick, we still take Hedman, and we already have his defense partner under contract, so that's a solid future! What are we thinking, coming out like we know how to score goals? And if we get the first pick, we get Tavares! Even better! Exclamation mark! Anyway. I was rather upset that Fisher's line, or as I call them (or at least, as I will call them from now on) the Tavares line, managed to find the net and get us a win. Come on guys. Throw in the towel. I already have.


  1. The idea is to win games so not to finish last. Besides that last five are put in a lottery to see who gets teh first draft pcik. Like the Sens would ever win a lottery drawing!!

  2. Yep. FAIRweather! You know, I was watching Andy Reid being interviewed today, and he was talking about the fans in Philly and how he loves them. That is a hardcore sports town. And Reid was saying that he really likes the fact that when the Eagles suck, the fans boo and let them know that they suck. And when they are winning and doing well, the fans are totally behind them.

    It made me think. It isn't so much being a "fairweather" fan, it's about being a true, hardcore sports fan. When your government sucks, it's your responsibility as a citizen to let them know they suck. When your team sucks, the same thing goes. A true fan will let them know they suck. Hey Senators! You're sucking!

  3. You think they don't already know that? So... what's the point? A true fan sticks with their team through the good and the bad, in my opinion. Saying they suck (regardless of whether or not it's true) is really nothing more than an attempt to make yourself feel better.

    If you really feel like they should know, maybe you should give them a call and tell them. They can't hear you on a blog.

  4. They can hear me at the rink, when I yell! This is the problem with Ottawa, though. Really, in no way, is there a massive passion for this team unless they make it to the finals. And then it's more of an excuse to party than it is true hardcore fandom. I would again compare us to Philadelphia, widely regarded to be some of the best, most knowledgeable fans in sports - all sports.

    The reason Philly teams know they will get booed when they play poorly is precisely what we don't have here in Ottawa - the fans are so passionate about their teams that they EXPECT excellence from their teams, and when those teams don't measure up, the fans are disappointed. And rightly so. The Eagles can go 4-12. The Flyers can miss the playoffs, the Phillies can slip below .500 and the Sixers can be at the bottom of the pile. The fans will still go to the games, but the fans will let them know they are displeased - and how long do those teams stay down?

    Example - the Phillies had seven straight losing seasons before 2000, when they began a run of six straight years of above-.500 baseball which culminated in a World Series. The Eagles are expected, every year, to win the Super Bowl. They have been a real contender for the last decade, except for one 6-10 season, and you know they heard about that from fans.

    Even the Flyers - I think the best example of how Philly fans are great - were allowed to stink. They heard about it, they felt the abuse from the fans, but the fans are also smart. And knowledgeable. And the Flyers did not go out and sign some big-money free agents so that they could just squeak into the playoffs and get the fans off their backs. Because they knew that would NOT get the fans off their backs. Only a Stanley Cup victory is good enough. So Philly goes out and uses draft picks, gets young guys, and builds their team for the long haul. It's the only way in Philadelphia, and it should be the only way in Ottawa. So let's go get Tavares. Or that Swedish man-mountain.