Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stories that didn't make BRN today...

Because I couldn't inflict these on people who are interested in even the most banal classic-rock-related celebrity news...

Charlotte Church is in labour. And she is, therefore, going to have a baby. And she was adamant that while giving birth, she wanted to listen to Phil Collins, and was equally adamant that there be no Bryan Adams music playing. I received this "news" story about nine times this morning. I get it though. You don't want to bring a baby into the world to the tune of "Cuts Like a Knife". But Phil Collins? I would want a baby to hear something cool, first thing out of the ol' womb. Like...not Bryan Adams, or Phil Collins, or Charlotte Church.

This story appeared twice: Lithuania donated a Frank Zappa bronze statue to the city of Baltimore. It's a bronze bust of Zappa's head, and was created in Lithuania in 1995. They decided to donate it, for reasons unknown, to Zappa's home town. All of which is well and good - but this happened in May of last year.


  1. how about the death of Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboardist Billy Powell?
    This should be included in BRN!!!!

  2. The Zappa statue in Lithuania was kind of wierd. It was one Lithuanian fan in particular who drummed up public support through phony art exhibits to get the city to put the thing up. Maybr they're just done with it now. I think Baltimore already has a FZ memorial statue. We could use one here. We should put it right in front of parliment, as a staunch reminder of the "world of secret hungers perverting the men who make our laws", and a lasting testament to the fact that brown shoes, in fact, don't make it!

    P.S. Let's get Zappa plays Zappa back in Ottawa!!! They rocked the ever lovin' crap out of Bluesfest last year and will be on the road again this summer. Come on Eric, I know you got some pull over there, tell the old farts to stop bringing adult comtemporary sludge like Fleewood Mac to Ottawa and make with the Zappa!!!!!

    Peace mang!