Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pilates camp?

I saw a flyer today. It's for a series of March-Break camps for kids run by the Catholic School board. Most of the camps are standard - soccer and tennis and sports and games and pizza day. But then there's a camp just for girls - which features manicures, pedicures, Pilates and yoga. And pizza day. Seriously? Nine-year-old girls are into Pilates? And yoga? They don't play soccer? I get it. Pilates is for girls. OK, I'm lying. I don't get it.

There's also a "Survivor" camp. Which, amazingly, has nothing to with survival skills or wilderness training or anything like that. I went to one of those camps once and learned which tree bark was edible and all kinds of cool stuff. This one, however, is actually a camp based on the TV show Survivor. Immunity challenges and so forth. Which is fine, I guess, if a little cheesy. But what happens when you sign your kid up for two hundred bucks and he's home on Tuesday because he lost the immunity challenge and got voted out of camp? He will miss the pizza on Friday...

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