Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One more thing.

One thing that's bugging me about the Obama inauguration and so forth - this phrase, and notion, that Obama represents the American dream, that "anyone is capable of anything", or some variation on that phrase. The idea that "anyone can become president" is ludicrous. What Obama represents is the idea that anyone, who is incredibly intelligent, pragmatic, even-keeled and well-schooled, and is willing to work their ass off, can become president. And that is certainly a big step forward. But the president who truly represented the "anyone can become president" ideal was his predecessor. If a frat-boy who drank his way through Vietnam in the National Guard and then took twenty years of his life off to do nothing and bask in his father's glow can all of a sudden decide that politics looks neat can become president, only then is it true. Anyone can be the president. If their dad already was. And the Jeb push is beginning now...

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  1. I think we might have to wait to see in 2012 how well the Palinator does.