Thursday, January 8, 2009

OK. Is this real?

Check out this video - Doc wants me to do this, he thinks we can. I think this guy is far skinnier than I am, and as such there is no cow alive that could possibly handle someone of my...girth.

Not only do I think it would be impossible with someone as fat as I am, we are also not sure whether or not it is real. What kind of camera trickery could be used to pull off something like this? I'm at a loss, myself...


  1. that is so f**cked up man... sick!

  2. That is the sickest thing I have
    ever seen!!!!!!

  3. Soooo OBVIOUSLY fake!
    He is pulled from the other side of the cow from the camera. duh.

  4. This is very gross. I hope Doc and Woody will never get you to do this

  5. don't ever do that...please....