Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More bus strike humour!

Because the bus strike, it turns out, is rather funny in many ways...this one sent to me by a bus driver:

Keep 'em coming folks!


  1. It doesn't get any more definitive than that...

  2. ...sigh...
    Nothing funny about that.

  3. Here's another one!

    Someone has waaaay too much time on their hands - likely stuck at home cuz of the strike.

  4. Can't believe that the Government doesn't find the bus service an essential service and legislate these morons back to work. How much brains does it take to drive a bus anyway. Perhaps the city should privatize it and forget about putting more money into the bus service if it's non-essential. I guess the politicians don't have to worry about walking 6 hours to work and back like that poor woman who works the night shift. Let them get out of their warm chauffeured limos and try that walk and see if they change their minds. They should do what is done in Montreal where the bus drivers can only strike during off peak hours. The scheduling is the biggest smokescreen available. How can you explain bus drivers making $100K a year whereas 1st class firefighters and police officers make much less. I'm sure that the unemployed auto workers in Oshawa would have no problem relocating to Ottawa for a job that starts off at $24.00 an hour with benefits. Meanwhile I'm sure that these bus drivers are also in the welfare line. They should not be allowed to even show up. Try taking a line or credit or whatever instead of ripping us off again while others are spending up to $1400 a month on taxi service to keep their jobs.

    What an embarrassment for being the Capital City.

    Stewing in OTTAWA.