Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I hate the all-star game.

I avoided the NHL All-Star game once again this year, because I am decidedly sick of it. I don't watch the Pro Bowl, and I don't watch the NBA all-stars, and I don't care at all about any of them. The only thing worthwhile in the NHL all-star game is the big saves that come as a result of the goalie being the only one playing defense. And I can get those on youtube or the highlight reel on Sportscentre. The only all-star game worth anything is the baseball one, because it's still hitters and pitchers facing off as best they can. You won't see anyone brushed back, but occasionally you'll see Pete Rose smoke a catcher. The home runs are real. The strikeouts are real. The outfield plays are real. Goals in the NHL all-star game are not real. They are fake.

And I've been reading a lot about the stars who chose to skip this year's game - Sidney Crosby and Niklas Lidstrom. And I say - who cares? Do I really want to see Sidney Crosby in an all-star contest? How different is he going to look from Kovalev or Iginla? They all skate around, untouched, and fire the puck at the net and put it in. There are no special skills on display that Crosby might have that any other player doesn't. Same goes for Lidstrom - for God's sake, Brad Marsh once scored a goal in the all-star game. Does it mean anything when Lidstrom gets one? Are we any more excited? Not me.

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  1. Everyone knows the All-Star weekend is basically a chance for the NHL's sponsors to rub elbows with the biggest names in hockey, past and present. So when some of the big names choose to skip the events, it means that the rep from Gatorade may not be able to get his kid that signed Crosby sweater he promised. And as a result, he may not be willing to give as much money. The game itself is merely a smokescreen designed to give some meaning to what is otherwise a basic corporate retreat.

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