Thursday, January 8, 2009

Breaking rock news today

This could be cool - Van Morrison is releasing a CD and a two-LP set of his live performance of Astral Weeks last November at the Hollywood Bowl. The discs come out February 10th, but why bother? We all already own Astral Weeks, the album...this is what's cool - the shows were filmed, and a DVD will be out later this year. Looking forward to that.

The Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach is no more. The last rock N roll roller coaster ride has come and gone, and the park is bankrupt. Nine months after opening. It took six years to build this thing, and more than $400 million dollars. It lasted nine months. It was the most expensive tourist attraction ever built in Carolina, North OR South. And it lasted nine months.

Bruce Springsteen is going to play a free event on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. as part of the week leading up to Barack Obama's inauguration. I wonder whose idea the venue was? Much as I like and support and believe in Barack Obama, I hope he doesn't have the hubris to set up something like this himself. The steps of the Lincoln Memorial? Come the same time, I would certainly love to attend this show!

Chris Squire has had a baby. He is the guitarist for Yes, and Breaking Rock News is for all intents and purposes, a tabloid. Who wouldn't report on the birth of a baby? And what do people always want to know? They weight of a baby! Why? I have no idea. Now, I'm no doctor, but the reported weight of the little girl - one pound, 13 ounces - seems a little unhealthy to me. Verging on the...implausible? I must admit I don't care enough to figure it out.

Graham Nash and Jackson Browne want health care to be at the top of Barack Obama's to-do list when he takes office January 20th. So they are holding a benefit concert for health care down the road from the white house on inauguration day. What's the idea here? That Obama is so distracted and scatter-brained that he might forget entirely that health care is an issue unless he is constantly reminded? That he might go ahead with the first thing he thinks of and create a playoff system for college football before he tackles health care? I don't get it.

And finally, Carlos Santana has a new website, where he says "my vision for [the website] is a multi-tiered media company whose approach to building a new reality for the planet is based on inspiration, creativity, love and forgiveness. I wish to bring it forth by combining music, sacred thoughts and inspirational media." Go here to find out if he managed to accomplish that goal:

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