Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Breaking Rock News. Breaking, yes. Rock, yes. News?

Motley Crue have put their website's backup server up for auction on eBay. I have absolutely no idea what this means. I put this in Breaking Rock News because it was reported as news by reputable sources. But I don't know what a backup server is. A machine of some kind? A computer file? A diskette? The waitress who is on standby to bring the band cocktails should the top-ranked waitress get distracted by Tommy Lee's topless policy? What? And how do you sell such a thing? And is it worth more than a regular Backup Server because it once did something Motley Crue-related? Or less? No, this "story" brings up more questions than it answers.

Jon Bon Jovi, bless his little heart, is trying to help Hillary Clinton pay off her campaign debt. She still owes $6.3 million, having spent everything she had, and several million more, trying to defeat Barack Obama. I guess she wants to pay everything off before she goes to work for...Barack Obama. Tickets for the Bon Jovi benefit concert in L.A. range from $75 to $1,000. Hopefully, almost all of them are the $1,000 variety, or they won't make $6.3 million. I wonder, if you do a show like this, and the one show makes six million bucks, even though you aren't keeping the money does it count toward next year's Total Tour Gross, when Pollstar reports on the top-money touring acts of the year?

Speaking of Obama, it was a reunion for an Obama fundraiser that sparked the Grateful Dead to stay reunited and go out on tour. They have hired a new keyboard player and a new guitar player for the tour (guitarist Warren Haynes, the great Allman Brothers player, will be joining them). The tour comes nowhere near Ottawa, except for some dates in upstate New York. Meanwhile, the Dead's former keyboard player and former guitar player are locked in a heated battle over royalties from beyond the grave! Hopefully this tour can give them a bit more money, royalty-wise, and they can put the bad blood behind them and rest in peace.

New Bruce Springsteen video up at amazon.com for a free download. Not exactly a Super-Bowl-Halftime-rock-the-joint song, but a good one, reminiscent of some of the River stuff. Check out "Life Itself" here:


His new album is out on January 27th.

Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck are playing two shows together at some Mega-Super-Ginormo-Dome in Japan. Why Japan? I don't know. Perhaps Japan is the only country in the world that would appreciate two guitar gods of such stature on stage at the same time? No...I don't get it either. Come to Ottawa, jerks! I don't believe the two ever played together in the Yardbirds, since Clapton quit when the group went too "pop music" and Beck replaced him. I believe. I think Beck played, at least for a time, with Jimmy Page in the Yardbirds. How about the three of them getting together and touring? Reunite the Yardbirds, all versions of the band at once! People might just pay to see that.

Thank you Norway! For the first time ever, Beatles songs are available for download - and it's free! With McCartney and Apple and iTunes and Wal-Mart and Starbucks and Donald Trump still involved ina an impasse and a legal battle and so forth (or such is my understanding), Beatles tunes are not yet available. So, I believe unknowingly, some Norwegian journalists accidentally found a way around that. They did a series called "“Vår daglige Beatles,” (“Our Daily Beatles”) which told the story behind each individual Beatles song, then played that track. Every song from their official catalogue, in order. And that series is available as a podcast, whatever that is. So you can now, for the first time, download Beatles tunes. You just have to sit through all the Norwegian banter between each song.

And lastly, Wilco is coming out with their first ever live DVD. Normally Wilco would not make the Breaking Rock News, but they just played as the opening act at Scotiabank Place for Neil Young, and a lot of people liked it, and so I thought I would mention it at least. Wilco is good, and this DVD is exciting. Looking forward to it. Ashes of American Flags will come out in February or March.

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