Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Because this is just bizarre.

When I used to play waterpolo, I was one of the slower swimmers in the pool. Of course, I still played waterpolo, so I swam faster than 99 percent of the other people in the world. But in case I needed a lesson in humility, I was once in a pool with by buddy Darryl, who played with me, and his brother Craig, who was a national swimming champion. And Craig said he could help me with my stroke, and perhaps teach me to swim a little faster. He pointed to the other end of the pool, and said "swim as fast as you can to that side". And so I did. I swam the length of the pool, as fast as I could. Halfway there, I realized that Craig wasn't following me. In fact, he was nowhere to be seen. I looked down into the water, and there he was, under me. Swimming on his back, under water, without using his hands at all, looking up at me while I thrashed and flailed away across the pool. I realy was going as fast as I possibly could.

Not that that's a story that has any bearing on anything. I just thought about it when I saw this absolutely bizarre youtube video. Of all the people in the world to challenge Michael Phelps to a swimming race, I would have thought Warren Sapp, the 300-pound-plus former defensive lineman, might have been the last. It turns out Sapp actually swims quite well, and this is a pretty close race. Of course, Phelps has a bit of a handicap. Check it out:

I wonder if I could beat Phelps if I started halfway down the pool like that? Probably not.

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