Monday, December 1, 2008

One more wrestling note.

In one of the undercard matches on Friday night, one of the wrestlers got caught with a good shot, right in the nose. When he came backstage, his face was totally bloodied, and he looked like he had, well, been in a real fight. Tough guy though, went to the bathroom, checked himself out, and contemplated twisting his own nose back into place. Sunny, who has been around wrestling rings for some fifteen or twenty years, had a helpful suggestion for him - this is what all the wrestlers do. She got a tampon from her bag, cut it up, and put half in each nostril. Which certainly seemed to do the trick. Then, about ten minutes later, as this guy is leaning up against the wall, trying not to bleed, I saw another guy go up to him, whispering excitedly - "dude! DUDE! You've got Sunny's tampon in your nose! DUDE! I am so jealous."

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