Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New interview at Cynical Cinema.

Yesterday, I interviewed D.W. Young, the director of a small yet terrific documentary called A Hole In A Fence. It came out on DVD earlier this month, and it is worth seeking out if you are a film fanatic, like me. It is a documentary that is, quite literally, about a hole in a fence. As I have said about many documentaries before, when they make it to DVD, there has to be a reason. When someone starts off with a project this modest, this small, something has to happen in order to make that project worth putting on DVD or bringing to a TV station. Sometimes, the documentary film makers capture an event that was unexpected, and manage to incorporate that into their film, making it compelling enough for people to care. Such was the case with The Heart Of The Game, a documentary about a girls' basketball team in Seattle that came out on DVD last year and is now making the rounds of the movie network here in Canada.

And at other times, the little, modest film can just be an amazing film. Well crafted, well shot, and just plain good enough to be seen by people outside the film maker's inner circle. And such is the case with A Hole In A Fence, which is some wonderful film making about...a hole in a fence. Click on this link for the review of the movie, where you can order it, and the interview with D.W. Young:

Wow. That's a pretty awkward link, isn't it? Whatever. Just click it.

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