Friday, December 5, 2008

Musical news of the world. Breaking!

Slash, Melissa Etheridge, and many other stars are coming out in protest of Prop 8 in California. That's the ballot measure that banned gay marriage in that state. Now, it's nice that they are fighting this, and I'm glad they are because no reasonable person could possibly be against gay marriage, but isn't it a little late? The measure has already passed. It seems that the people who were against the proposition to begin with relied on the idea that likely, most of the people who voted in California were reasonable people. And they assumed the measure would be defeated, because it is stupid. They did not count on the massive amount of money thrown into pro-Prop-8 propaganda by right-wing religious zealot groups, which was just enough to get it passed. It may be too little too late, but I like the sentiment. Their videos are funny. Check them out here:

Movie rumours and facts: There is apparently a Bon Scott biopic in the works, although little information is available. Some guy named Tom Budge is supposed to play Angus Young, and that's all we know. Oh, and it will likely be all about booze.

More solid movie rumour: The surviving members of Thin Lizzy have put the brakes on a biopic of their late lead singer, Phil Lynott. Apparently, they felt that the movie focused on the drugs too much, and not enough on the music. Which is just what movies do, isn't it? How often has there been a biopic of a musician not focused on substance abuse? Imagine thatBon Scott movie focused just on the music...would anyone watch?

Most solid movie rumour of all: Kristen Stewart, the smoking hot young actress currently starring in the tween-girl vampire movie Twilight, will be playing the smoking hot Joan Jett in a movie about Jett's 1970s all-girl band the Runaways. Which is terrific, because I would love to see Kristen Stewart in a movie I would actually watch. The movie is going to be executive-produced by Jett herself, and will shoot around Stewart's schedule. (Next year, she is contracted to shoot a couple of Twilight sequels. Because a reasonably successful movie must beget several more reasonably successful movies, or it is not a success.)

Neil Young has delayed his upcoming album with Crazy Horse, Toast. It was supposed to come out January 27th, and will now likely be out in "March or April...probably. Maybe." I guess the old man is too busy rocking out like a 20-year-old at places like Scotiabank. Rock on, Neil!

And Guns N Roses Chinese Democracy debuted at #3 on the Billboard charts, coming in behind Kanye West and Taylor Swift. Kanye West I get. But Taylor Swift jumped from #4 last week, when there was no GNR album, to #2 this week, when there was. Which means that even in her fourth week of sales, she was still more popular than Chinese Democracy. The album narrowly beat out Beyonce and Ludacris, both of whom have been up there for a while. Britney Spears, whose "comeback" album debuted this week, sold more copies on it's first day than GNR did in their first week on the charts with their "comeback" album. AC/DC hit #1 right away. Metallica hit #1 right away. I thought this was the "most anticipated record release of all time", or at least that's what my Best Buy promo flyer said. What happened? It appears that there is no one left to blame. Except Dr. Pepper. This is all Dr. Pepper's fault.

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