Thursday, December 11, 2008


In my role as Editor-In-Chief of Breaking Rock News, (yes, I did give myself that title. But only because Breaking Rock News does not seem like the kind of area that would need a President. Or an Emperor.) I have created several Google Alerts. This is a neat thing where you go to Google, and you sign up for these alerts, which get delivered straight into your email every time that subject is mentioned in a news story. So I get alerts for, say, U2 whenever Bono is doing something interesting. And more often, when he is doing nothing interesting. But I have created a Google Alert for every band, group, or solo act that we play on CHEZ, so I am as up-to-date as possible. And very often, that means sifting through 300 emails in a morning to separate the junk from the good stuff.

For example - there is a baseball team somewhere in the states called the "Scorpions". And there is a story posted about them every single day, for some reason. Whether they have a game or not. And so I get that alert. Every time someone is working out "the kinks" in something, I get an email. Every time some politician discusses "the who"'s who of something or other, I get an email. There is a Keith Richards who serves as a city councillor somewhere in England, and he must be the Maria McRae of that particular city, because there is a story about him just about every single day.

But lately, I have been sifting through more email than usual. And I couldn't understand this until today, when I really paid close attention. The main reason - the auto bailouts in the states, and the financial meltdown. There are now fifty stories every single day featuring the words "Bad Company". It's a tough job, being Editor-In-Chief of something. I wish I was Emperor.

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