Monday, December 29, 2008

Go Canada! Rah rah meh!

I remember a story a little while ago, about the new Monopoly board. The World Edition was to include a number of cities from around the world, cities that could be voted upon by people the world over. I guess there was a major movement to elect certain Canadian cities to the board. I paid little attention, because I didn't care whether Toronto was on the Monopoly board or not. I figured there were better ways to be patriotic. But the kids got this World Monopoly game for Christmas, and I remembered the story once more.

On the new World Monopoly board, there are three Chinese cities. Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. (There is also a Tapiei.) All the other countries are represented with but one city, including the United States, who get New York and nothing else. But then, there's Canada. We have three cities on this Monopoly board. Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Not only that, but Montreal is apparently the #1 city in the world, filling the spot on the board ordinarily occupied by Boardwalk! And I thought...what? This is the problem, I realized, with allowing people to vote for things. Because much as I love Canada, we are not as internationally important as China. And we certainly don't have three more internationally important cities than the Americans. Had I thought of it at the time, I would have attempted to organize a massive voting campaign to get Kamloops, Red Deer, Timmins, Brockville and Moosonee included on this board.

That being said, the game is pretty cool. No more of that stupid paper Monopoly money that gets lost in all the couch cushions and re-discovered dozens of years later when the fridge finally gets replaced. It's all electronic now. Same goes for the new game of Life, which the kids received as well. That bothers me though - Life now operates not with cash, but with credit cards. You accumulate debt immediately, and pay interest during the entire game. What are we teaching our kids? That being in debt is just a regular part of everyone's life? Garbage. I will be trying to play the game without ever using a credit card, the way I do in real life. And I will lose in two turns, I imagine.

Anyway, back to Monopoly. Congratulations, rah-rah Canadians who voted for this business. Instead of a Monopoly board that is truly representative of the world's great cities, we now have a board that is representative of the ability of Canadians to pull together to achieve something nonsensical. We're on the board! Well done, patriots!

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