Wednesday, December 24, 2008

BRN today

More Springsteen news...he says that he didn't think he was ready to record a new album when he started working on Working On A Dream. But then he was. Springsteen fans must be very interested in these goings-on.

Chris Squire says that the current lineup of Yes is "one of the best performing lineups in Yes' storied history." I am certain that a quote like that one does not make Jon Anderson want to kick him in the sack. After all, this lineup, featuring tribute-band singer Benoit David in place of the sick Anderson, is only "one of" the best touring lineups ever.

Joe Perry has posted his version of "Run Run Rudolph" on the Aerosmith fan site Aero Space One for a free download. Because a song that is a spin-off of another song that has to do with a Christmas character that exists only in song is terrific. And there are just not enough versions of "Run Run Rudolph" out there. Anyone need any more proof that Perry thinks he is Keith Richards? Or that Aerosmith believe they are the Rolling Stones, Jr.?

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