Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Breaking Rock News today.

No one notices when an accountant dies. Which is why the death of John Byrne, at the age of 61, of liver and kidney failure, went unreported since December 15th. Only now did people realize that he was in fact the John Byrne who was the lead singer and song writer for the Count Five, one of the first psychedelic and garage-rock bands of the 1960s. When he heard the Yardbirds' "I'm A Man", Byrne thought he could do something like that, and penned the all-time psychedelic classic "Psychotic Reaction". The band dissolved in 1969 so the individual members could pursue their college degrees, and Byrne went on to become an accountant. He died on the 15th in San Jose.

The Black Crowes can't seem to stop working. They are constantly releasing albums and CDs and best-ofs and compilations and live stuff, even when some of it sucks. Which is good, because some of it doesn't suck. Hopefully this next CD will be one of the ones that doesn't suck. The band will be at Levon Helm's barn-recording-studio in Woodstock in February and March for four live shows, and they will be culling material from all four shows to put out on a CD. Then they will begin work on their next album, which will be out six weeks later, and the follow-up to that one will be out two weeks after that.

And...buried deep, deep in an interview on telegraph.com... some important news, maybe, for Guns N Roses fans? Current guitarist Richard Fortus says that a tour will start in March to support Chinese Democracy, and will likely last two years! I say "current" guitarist, because by the time the tour begins, who knows where Axl Rose's proclivities will have led? And I use question marks when I say important news? Maybe? For the same reason.

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