Friday, December 12, 2008

Breaking Rock News - it's true!

Some exciting stuff in BRN today. First the boring stuff.

The Doobie Brothers are playing the Orange Bowl halftime show. This will be televised on FOX, and will feature two good college football teams - the University of Cincinnati and Virginia Tech. I'll be tuning in, but likely only for half time, to see the Doobies play. They are currently in the middle of a big tour - Super Bowl gets Springsteen, Orange Bowl gets Doobies. Fitting.

Speaking of Springsteen, he had the second-biggest tour of the year after Bon Jovi. Good year for Jersey...the Police were in at #4, and Madonna and Celine Dion rounded out the top five. Celine Dion, by the way, made the most money for a single show - 33 million dollars for her show in Montreal. that's Celine Dion. Thirty-three million dollars. One show. More than the entire Bonnaroo festival, which was in second place at about half that total.

Speaking of Springsteen, again, he is up for a Critic's Choice award for Movie Song of the Year, for his title track from The Wrestler. He's up against Peter Gabriel's "Down To Earth" from WALL-E. I haven't seen The Wrestler, but I have heard the song - check it out here:
I love the Peter Gabriel song too - WALL-E is unbelievable. They are both up against Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and amazingly, Clint Eastwood for the Golden Globe award.

Alan White, the drummer for Yes, says that the guy they got to replace Jon Anderson is going over really well with their fans. so, he hasn't been booed off the stage, and they cheer when he gets there? They did pay $200 for their tickets, I don't imagine they would do so if they were upset about the replacement. Talk to the Yes fans who didn't buy tickets to get a good gauge on how they feel.

Don Henley wants to thin out the world's population. Of course, he's right. There are far too many people in the world, and we (the world) can't possibly sustain more explosive population growth. First place to start? Perhaps we ought to get rid of a few ex-members of the Eagles. There are so many of them...

Rapper might be working with U2 on their upcoming album. Or he might not. I might not care either way.

Kansas is playing with an orchestra to record a show for a DVD. In Kansas. Get it? Styx did this once...the orchestra was better than the Styx.

Some musical featuring the music of Journey and Styx and REO Speedwagon and Bon Jovie is going to be made into a movie. Sounds dreadful.

And the exciting news - it's true!

Long believed to be just an urban legend, Van Halen's tour rider from 1983 has been unearthed by The Smoking Gun. Check it out here:
And yes! The "no brown M&Ms clause is real. They really did have this on their rider. Also, a herring in sour cream. Bizarre. It's a lot to go through - 53 pages! But worth it.

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