Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Wrestler. And Springsteen.

Here's a trailer for a movie that looks really cool. Mickey Rourke, on a career upswing since Sin City, stars as a broken-down old wrestler on the small-town circuit. onus: Bruce Springsteen wrote the brand-new song that can be heard in the trailer. Cool trailer, even cooler song:



  1. Looks good. I always liked Mickey. When is it coming out?

  2. It has already been premiered, at the Venice film festival. (It won the Golden Lion award for Best Film.) It looks like it is going to be given "limited release" in North America as of December 17th, but you never know what that means. It could mean it will come to town in six theatres, or maybe only at the Bytowne, or perhaps not at all. I'll keep people posted on the Cynical Cinema page.