Monday, November 24, 2008

Too funny.

So, during the election Sarah Palin is kept away from the media as much as possible, because the Republican party is scared that she might be scary to the American people. Then when she IS allowed to be interviewed, she can't name a newspaper. Or a magazine. And Russia is right next to her, so that's foreign policy experience. And she doesn't know what the Bush doctrine is. And she isn't capable of stringing together certain sentences. So she is taken away from the media entirely. Now that the election is over, she is on TV every night. Repeating the same lines she memorized just in time to lose the election. Someone tell her to stop campaigning. It's over. And get off my TV, I'm tired of you. Especially since every time I see you, you're talking in an interview with a representative of the media about how the media is out to get you, and are interested only in "gotcha" journalism. Shut it. But every now and then, she provides us with a media miscalculation so hilarious that it must be shown. In this particular interview, it isn't what she says that is funny. It's what's going on in the background. Who says the staging of photo-ops isn't important?

Does this remind anyone of Marge Gunderson firing her gun at Peter Stormare as he runs across the frozen lake at the end of Fargo, while Steve Buscemi's foot is still sticking out of the wood chipper? Or is it just me?

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