Sunday, November 30, 2008

Something I don't understand.

I was on my way home from an event at Calabogie Peaks yesterday. Driving on the 17, before it becomes the 417. And I saw one of those signs that told me how much the fines were should I speed in my car. Now, I have never really read one of those before, although I have seen them. You see, never having driven over the speed limit in my entire life, those signs have never been any of my concern. But I paid attention this time, for some reason. The speed limit on the highway was 100 km/h. This is what the sign said:

Speeding Fines:
110 km/h - $95.00
120 km/h - $220.00
130 km/h - $295.00

I was about ten clicks away when I finally thought about that again. Is there anyone else out there who finds something odd about this? If it will cost me 95 bucks just for being ten clicks over the speed limit, how could it possibly cost me 125 bucks more to be ten clicks over that? And then 75 bucks more for the next ten clicks? It would make sense to me if the fine for 130 was, say, $345. Or even $375. Or if the amounts went 95, 190, 285. But why is that second ten clicks so much more expensive than any other increment? It seems like some totally random numbers.

Oh well. Since I never speed, this will never affect me anyway.


  1. It's called more bang for the buck!!

  2. where that sign is the limt is 90 km/h

  3. Oh. Well...that's even weirder, isn't it? Shouldn't it then jump from $95 to $142.50?