Monday, November 3, 2008

Some more BRN.

The tallest building in Ireland is not to be. Apparently Bono wanted to build a skyscraper a million feet tall, at the top of which there would be an egg in which recording albums could take place. But because of the recession hitting Ireland, the 300-million dollar project had to be shelved. Too bad. I quite liked the idea of a recording studio in the sky. But from what I understand, Bono is an unstoppable fountain of songwriting when he is in the studio. After all, the new U2 album had to be postponed because there were just too many songs. And if he were to work in this tower, I can only assume we would be subjected to several concept albums in a row about how people look like ants from up here on my pedestal. And I don't want to see U2 become redundant.

Ozzy Osbourne is going to be receiving a Living Legend award at something called the Classic Rock Roll of Honour Award show in London. Sometime soon. He was quoted about this, saying "it's nice to know they haven't written me off". Which is very nice for Ozzy. Although, when looking at the nominees for "band of the year", some of the classic bands up for the awards - Def Leppard! KISS! And...Whitesnake! If this Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards organization hasn't written Whitesnake off, then how much credibility do they really have?

Speaking of Def Leppard, who are still somehow making money on tour, despite having been written off. By me. They have fulfilled their contractual obligation to their major label, and there are no serious offers for their services coming in from other sources. So they are apparently pondering going the indie route, and following in the footsteps of Radiohead and the Eagles. They want to start releasing their albums on their own, and Joe Elliott seems to think that since those other two bands were able to do it, Def Leppard will as well. The Eagles were sold exclusively through Wal-Mart, see, and every ex-stripper Def Leppard fan shops exclusively at Wal-Mart, so...all the pieces fit. What he neglects to ponder here, however, is that Radiohead has a rabid fan base, the Eagles had been on a long hiatus without much work (and have a loyal fan base), and neither band ever released Songs From The Sparkle Lounge. Good luck, Joe.

And...there will indeed be a Beatles video game. Whether it will be a version of Rock Band or not is not certain yet, but it's the same people making it. Whatever it ends up being. MTV and some game company and Apple Corp. LTD...hey - Apple Corps! I finally get it. Anyway, all these companies announce that they have a contract to use Beatles songs in a video game, and that they have been working on it with McCartney, Ringo, Olivia Harrison and Yoko Ono for a long time. If they have been working on it for a long time, just tell us what it is. Why so secretive? All they're saying is that the Beatles' songs will be used in a game. If it isn't Rock Band, it could well be something totally different and lamer. Like, the Beatles songs will play as you speed around the course in the next edition of Mario Kart. Let's hope not.

"Chinese Democracy" hit the charts at #12 in it's first week, the highest chart position for the debut of a Guns N Roses song since "Don't Cry" hit #4 in 1991. The length of time between charting singles isn't a story. After all, GNR's last album was in 1993. The chart position isn't a story either - just enough people were waiting for this album to make the first single a matter of curiosity, enough to put it at #12. What makes this a story is that it sets up next week's chart position of the same single. If the single plummets down the charts, then it will be because the world realized that the song is awful. If, on the other hand, the song shoots UP the charts, and finishes anywhere better than #12, it will signal the death knell of modern rock music. It will prove, once and for all, that no good rock music has been recorded since, say...1993.

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  1. Regarding the Beatles game... from what I've read, it's supposed to be compatible with the Rock Band instruments, which I assume means it will involve playing their songs. However, the songs are supposedly NOT exportable to Rock Band, as the AC/DC songs are from their video game. Hence, the break from the Rock Band franchise.

    Judging from the feedback I've read from RB fans, that missing feature is a big factor in whether or not they'll spend their money on it. No export = no buy.

    Regardless, I predict it to be a big flop. Sure, the die-hards will scoop it up for their collection, but the simplicity of Beatles songs alone will make it a very boring game to play. Maybe this is the birth of a new franchise: "Geriatric Band -- songs even your grandmother can play"