Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The news of rock today. And a couple of videos!

Most of the rock news today involves the election in the U.S. Obviously most musicians and artists and Hollywood types are backing Barack Obama, and some, like Bruce Springsteen, are actively campaigning right up until the last vote is cast today. He says: “I don’t know about you, but I want my country back, I want my dream back, I want my America back! Now is the time to stand with Barack Obama and Joe Biden, roll up our sleeves, and come.” I don't really understand the choice of the last few words there, but you get the picture. Also campaigning are several people who don't interest me - Jay-Z, Diddy, and so forth.

Perhaps the most interesting, and strange, endorsement came courtesy of John Densmore of the Doors, who a la Gil Scott-Heron, drums along with the thoughts inside his own head in a video on youtube where he endorses Obama by his non-endorsement of John McCain. Methinks Whitey may be On The Moon again:


Black Sabbath has commemorative shoes. They have teamed up with Converse to come out with a Black Sabbath edition of the famous Chuck Taylor All-Stars, shoes normally referenced only in rap songs. Apparently they are basing the design of the shoes on some artwork from a 1978 Sabbath tour T-shirt. Which seems really half-assed as a marketing ploy, really. Who do they think they are, KISS?

Bon Jovi is being sued again, this time for much less than $400 billion. A British woman is suing them for the much-more-reasonable $250,000, after a Bon Jovi security guy ran her down with a golf cart. Most surprising, the guy yelled "do you know who I am?" moments before gunning the golf cart at her. You're Bon Jovi security. Does anyone know who you are? Other than the other members of the security detail? I will make fun of anyone who uses the phrase "do you know who I am?" Even if it was Jon Bon Jovi himself.

The Ramones do not support John McCain. Even if Joey's wife is running around helping the McCain-Palin ticket by using their name. If that helps at all. I love the Ramones, and my favourite song of theirs is pretty much the only political one they ever did - Bonzo Goes To Bitburg. It caused tension in the band, because Johnny Ramone was a hardcore Republican conservative, and was rather upset about this scathing attack on Reagan. My fondness for that song and an opportunity to talk about it was likely the only reason this story made Breaknig Rock News this morning.

Chris Cornell, former singer for Soundgarden, says he has not been approached to sing for Led Zeppelin. More importantly, why would he be? Well, I suppose he can still wail some, and he's a heck of a lot better than getting some guy off youtube. Speaking of youtube...here's another video:


Here is the commercial that ran during Saturday Night Live for Chinese Democracy. apparently, Best Buy thinks this album release is as significant as thye presidential election. So significant in fact, that they don't even need to mention the name of the band whose album they are promoting.


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  1. The full quote for Bruce Springsteen was "come on up for the rising." That makes a little more sense.