Tuesday, November 18, 2008

He's got a ticket to Glyde...

OK, what's cheesier - the title of this post, or these awesome wrestling videos starring our own Ben McCully? I'll let you be the judge:







Wrestling under the pornoesque pseudonym Vinnie Glyde, our own McCully was once the terror of the Pro Wrestling United league. Check out the gold lame suits. (That's lame, as in the style of "lame", with the "accent aigue" that I can't figure out, not "lame" as in "lame".) It appears as though he may well have been a villain in this wrestling league, since you can hear people yelling at him. You suck, Vinnie Glyde! And so forth.

Well, as Doc always says, if you can't make it in pro wrestling, you become a DJ. And if you can't make it as a DJ, you become a cruise ship magician. Or something. It appears as though McCully can do both though, as he is currently in a war of words on the air with Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, and it appears that he'll be wrestling him in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

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