Wednesday, November 5, 2008

BRN today

Former drummer with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention Jimmy Carl Black has died of lung cancer at the age of 70. This is quite sad. He played with Zappa and the Mothers from the time of Freak Out! until they released Weasels Ripped My Flesh in the mid-70s. Post-Mothers, he played with one of my favourites, Captain Beefheart, and fronted his own band, Geronimo Black. Of late, he was playing with Zappa acts, which involved many of Zappa's original musicians, so I wouldn't want to go so far as to call them tribute acts. One of those was the Grandemothers, who played Bluesfest about three or four years ago. I loved that show, and this man was tremendous. Rest in peace.

Nirvana's show at the Reading Festival in 1992 is one of those performances I hear mentioned the same way I hear people talk about Jimi at Woodstock, Otis Redding at Monterey, the Who at Leeds, Peter Tosh at the One Love Peace Festival, in the sense that they are saying "what I wouldn't give to have been able to be there". Frankly, I have never known why. I understand Jimi at Woodstock (or Jimi at Monterey, for that matter), and the others. But no one has ever explained fully to me why this Nirvana show was important. It is coming out on DVD in the new year courtesy of Universal, so I can see for myself. And, I imagine, so can you.

Ozzy Osbourne received that Classic Rock Roll of Hounour thing. The Lifetime Achievement thing, or the Living Legend. Whatever. It was presented by Slash, who apparently won an award of his own. Slash's award was called the "Holy s*** this thing goes to eleven" award, or somthing bizarre like that, so apparently this is some kind of rock-nerd awards show with bizarre award names and weird bands involved (Whitesnake!). And yet the big stars keep showing up. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that this show has something to do with Marshall. That may mean Marshall amps, or some guy named Marshall. I didn't care enough to do more research.

Ron Wood has offered his ex-wife, Jo, $4.9 million dollars in their divorce settlement. Per year.

Genesis is looking to reunite - again - this time with Peter Gabriel as lead singer. Which would make me far more excited to attend the next Genesis reunion show. The only problem I would have, however, is that if they didn't include all those poppy Phil Collins silly songs from the late 80s, I would have no idea when was an appropriate time to leave the venue for a smoke break. It was so easy to figure out last time...

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