Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BRN rundown

Paul McCartney is looking into releasing a previously-unheard Beatles song. Carnival Of Light is 14 minutes long, an experimental track featuring people yelling words like "Barcelona!" over guitar feedback and church organs. Perhaps McCartney wants to prove that the Beatles invented techno music, or that they were avant-garde before avant-garde was in vogue. Or maybe he wants to prove that even the Beatles were able, on occasion, to bore the hell out of people.

Sammy Hagar has confirmed a long-standing rumour, that he will not fly with Eddie Van Halen. After a fight began on an airplane, Eddie tried to smash a window out with his hands. Then he tried to use a bottle. At which point Alex Van Halen finally stepped in and took the bottle away. This is a perfect example of Eddie's misdirected drunken anger. He was mad at Sammy, not at the window! And, just in time, after no one had died, Alex prevents Eddie from taking a third crack at the window, this time presumably with a sledge hammer. What a perfect snap shot of the Van Halen band's mercurial career arc.

Eddie Money is going on some show called Don't Forget The Lyrics with his daughter, Jesse. Yep. Set your PVR for December 19th, remaining Eddie Money fans! Both of you.

Bruce Springsteen has a new album coming out January 27th. Working On A Dream is produced by the same guy who did Magic, which was a great album. I'm looking forward to this one. Although it looks like he's going to be doing a cover of "Tomorrow Never Knows". I'm not so much looking forward to that.

The guitarist for Guns N Roses (some guy) and the drummer (some other guy) have been removed from the "band members" section on the GNR MySpace page. Since all good Breaking Rock News Journalists go to MySpace for all of our rock star news, rampant speculation has begun about in-fighting within the band. It is entirely possible that these two guys were not willing to wait eighteen more years to release their follow-up album.

Bon Jovi has announced that they will be releasing a Greatest Hits (another Greatest Hits) album in the fall. Of 2009. Perhaps they think fans will be able to hold their collective breaths that long. After all, if no one passed out waiting for Chinese Democracy...

John Paul Jones will be playing a Christmas charity show with Warren Haynes of the Allman Brothers Band. And...yeah.

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