Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Breaking! Rock! News!

Some decent stuff today...check out the previous blog post for the trailer to The Wrestler, a new Mickey Rourke movie that looks awesome and features a great new Springsteen song. You can also check out "Working On A Dream", the title song from his upcoming album, on the front of the CHEZ webpage.

Paul McCartney (Apple records) and EMI are no closer on a deal to get Beatles songs onto iTunes. McCartney explained to a press conference that talks had "stalled". I sure hop he didn't call a press conference just to say that. I assume that it was about something else.

Guns N Roses fans in China have been unable to hear any news of their latest album, Chinese Democracy. There is a nation-wide internet firewall in China that prevents people from logging onto the official website, or searching for the words "Chinese Democracy". No one seems to know whether this is an official governmental effort to suppress knowledge of the album's existence, or an attempt to shield citizens from bad music, or whether the firewall just automatically edits the word "democracy". Who knows. Uh-oh. Now that I have used the words "Chinese Democracy" in this post, people from China will no longer be able to access my blog. Well, there go half my page hits.

This week, the Chinese government has been cracking down even harder on Tibetan demonstrators in Tibet. Installing roadblocks, intimidating the monks, stationing their military up and down the streets of the cities. Prosecuting those who have demonstrated against the Chinese authorities. Perhaps they are thrilled that the world is talking about their crackdown on Guns N Roses.

Speaking of Chinese Democracy, Best Buy isn't. Speaknig about it, that is. Or promoting it, or showcasing it, or acknowledging that it exists. After calling the album the "most anticipated release of all time" a few weeks ago, the actual release of the record, exclusive to Best Buy, has apparently been met with total apathy. Rolling Stone magazine reports that when they sent out reporters to New York-area Best Buy stores, only one had an actual display of the album, none of them had it playing in the store, and in most cases the CD itself was difficult to find, because it was thrown in with all the other music. This is probably not a problem with the hype over the record itself, but rather the problem with releasing it exclusively at a massive, faceless, corporate big-box store that has other things on it's mind. Like, Guitar Hero. And earphones.

Gene Simmons delivered the keynote speech at the Billboard Touring Conference on Thursday. Gene Simmons? Keynote speech? I guess he is still fooling a lot of people into thinking he is a wise, deep, genius. Instead of just a marketing one. Anyway, in his speech, he suggested that there is a "50-50 chance" that KISS will tour with Queen & Paul Rodgers next year. Then he complained that KISS weren't in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. A tour with KISS and Queen? Decent. I can get behind that. KISS in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame? Not so much. This is the reason there ought to be a Pyrotechnic Hall of Fame. Problem solved.

In the words of Daniel Lanois, U2 producer: "The president of the company is singing better than ever and the tracks are wildly innovative. I believe, well, rock & roll has been reinvented one more time." By "president of the company", he means Bono. But "rock & roll has been reinvented one more time", he means "I am making a gross overstatement about the quality of this record".

Yesterday, on the Doc and Woody show, we reported that the Vatican has finally, after forty years, forgiven John Lennon for saying the Beatles were "bigger than Jesus". It's about time, Vatican! Only, they still missed the point. They released a statement saying, basically, we get it. Lennon was a young, foolish man, who made an ill-advised statement...blah blah blah. Well, no. You still don't get it. He was saying the level of adulation the Beatles were receiving was more than even Jesus was getting in the world at the time. He was saying that this was ridiculous. And he was not wrong. The Vatican is wrong to "forgive" him. They should be apologizing for taking his comments out of context and persecuting him. I'm looking forward to the year 2048, when they forgive the Jewish people for complaining about the church's inaction during the Holocaust.

At any rate, they may want to rescind their silly little "pardon" of Lennon, because apparently he was in league with The Devil. A new book suggests that Lennon made a pact with Satan (a 20-year pact - Lucifer is all about the ironclad contracts) for the success he enjoyed with the Beatles. Actually, it's kind of funny. Here's a link to the website for the book:



  1. Exclusive album releases are a stupid move, imho. Thankfully they don't normally apply to Canadian retailers. I dropped by BB yesterday afternoon and they had a display, albeit a small one, and I had no problem finding it.

    It's different, but I like it.

  2. That's good. But I agree, it's a pretty dumb move. At least Wal-Mart makes a big deal out of, say, AC/DC or the Eagles. But even then, the retailer becomes as much a part of the story as does the album.