Monday, November 24, 2008

Breaking Rock News today.

Not much of interest. Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band have won some awards from Billboard, like Top Draw and Top Tour. These are sort of a foregone conclusion, however, since it operates entirely by numbers and not by votes. So the presentation of this award, I assume, is rather anti-climactic, like the Art Ross trophy in hockey. You already know who's gonna get it.

In other Awards news, the American Music Awards were last night, and no one cared. Least of all the Eagles, who were nominated for four awards, in such categories as "Best Rock/Pop Adult Contemporary Group, Duo, Trio, Ensemble or Electronic Arrangement of Artists Of The Year", and other such cumbersome titles. They won none, and probably didn't deserve to win any. I don't like their new album. But did they really deserve to lose to Daughtry? Or this "Chris Brown" guy? Music sucks right now. At least I've heard of Kanye West, and I like him.

Speaking of the Eagles, Don Felder, former Eagle, will be going on a five-stop "tour" called A Night at the Hotel California, starting in Niagara Falls February 20th and 21st. one cares.

Pete Townshend will be releasing a CD/DVD of a couple of his "In The Attic" performances in March. That's pretty cool. These are little acoustic performances he's been doing with guest stars like Lou Reed, although no one seems to know which performances will be included on the DVD and CD.

Roger Waters has joined the lineup for Live Earth 2008, which will be held in India and already features Bon Jovi...wait, there's a Live Earth 2008?

Guy Peellaert, the artist who designed many memorable album convers, including Bowie's Diamond Dogs and the Stones' It's Only Rock N Roll, has died of cancer at the age of 74. Peellaert was also well known in the film community, having designed the movie posters for several classics including Taxi Driver.

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