Thursday, November 20, 2008

Breaking Rock News today

You can listen to the new Guns N Roses album, Chinese Democracy, live at MySpace from now until Sunday when it gets released. Here is the link:

Or, you can wait until Satuday, and listen to the album, one track at a time, as we give away that album on CHEZ. Either way, you will be able to hear how much it is not Appetite For Destruction.

Motorhead (I still can't figure out how to do an umlaut) has a track called "Dog-Face Boy" that will appear in the upcoming Disney movie Bolt. Which looks hilarious because of the hamster in the ball thing they've got going on. Motorhead for kids. That, actually, sounds like a pretty good idea.

A nightclub called Barney's Beanery in L.A. is going to unveil a commemorative plaque on what would have been Jim Morrison's 65th birthday. Two members of the Doors - Manzarek and Krieger - will be there signing their latest release, Live At Matrix. The plaque will commemorate the exact spot where Morrison once whipped it out and urinated on that particular bar, one time in the '60s. Does anyone suspect that had Morrison (implausibly) survived his years of excess, that at this point he would be regarded as a total joke, the Biggest Loser In The World? Toward the end of his life, he had pretty much given up entirely on making music and was far more focused on making an ass of himself wherever he went. Now, I love Jim Morrison and his music as much as anyone, but if I'm the owner of Barney's Beanery, and Morrison had come in once a month for the last forty years, and urinated on my bar and puked on my customers each time, I don't think I'd be erecting a plaque. I'd be taking out a restraining order.

Sammy Hagar has continued to slam the rest of his Van Halen band mates, saying they are completely unstable, in a mental health sense, and that is part of the reason they kicked Michael Anthony out of the band. While I would agree with Sammy that Van Halen is indeed unstable, mentally, I think that Anthony's departure was likely caused more because of egomaniacal behaviour not associated with the specific mental problems. Or maybe that's semantics.

There is a deluxe edition of Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland coming out December 9th, which will feature the CD copy of the album and also a DVD called At Last...The Beginning: The Making of Electric Ladyland. This is my favourite Hendrix album, and the DVD is actually an extended version of the "making of" series Classic Albums. I have the Classic Albums Electric Ladyland DVD already, and for those of you who are interested in Hendrix and his recording process, it's fascinating. One of the best in the Classic Albums series. This is one of those thrown-together-for-money sets that will actually be worth buying.

Paul McCartney would love to record music with Bob Dylan. To which the world says "no s***". Who doesn't want to record with Bob Dylan? I'm not even a musician and I want to record an album with Bob Dylan. I was cut from my high school basketball team midway through the first practice. And I still want to play one-on-one with Michael Jordan. I never finished my physics-mathematics degree at the University of Ottawa, and yet I would love to discuss the implications of the event horizon with Stephen Hawking. Frankly, Dylan has managed to remain relevant throughout his career, which is really saying something. Especially when you look at Paul McCartney, who is still good, but who has come completely musically irrelevant. Here is a link that illustrates just how irrelevant McCartney has become:

Rod Stewart has confirmed that there will be a Faces reunion next year. Now this, is exciting. the chances of the Faces coming to Ottawa are slim, I would imagine, but far greater than they would have been say, six years ago. There was no way you could have got me out to Scotiabank Place to see the Rod Stewart show, but with the Faces? In a heartbeat. You have to remember, at one point, Rod Stewart was not a crooning douche. He was actually very, very cool, in some very very cool bands.

Aerosmith will play the American Music Awards on Sunday on ABC. Set your PVR for this ground-breaking event, because...ah, nobody cares, do they?

Neil Young is amazing. He has come up with a point-by-point plan to save the American automobile industry, curb global warming, eliminate dependance on foreign oil, and create jobs. In Breaking Rock News, I posted a link to his open letter on the Huffington Post, but I will just paste it into a post here on my blog, because I think this is awesome. How many political activist musicians take the time and make the effort to do this much research and know this much about a subject? Way to go Neil.

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