Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ben McCully's wrestling videos

OK, I have written a few blog postings between the time I put up McCully's videos and now. And since I know people are coming here to watch those, and I know that many don't know to scroll down, I will make it easy. Here is the link to Ben's wrestling videos - ladies and gentlemen, I give you Vinnie Glyde!


  1. I hope your DJ skills are a little better than your wrestling!Man,I could only handle about 5 seconds of each,kudos for choosin another career.I also thought I would leave a comment since no one really seems to comment on any of the topics Eric here writes about.I mean if I wanted to delve into world econimic infastructure,I certainly would not stop by Eric's blog for his insight.My consensus is no one is actualy reading this crap and at this rate you will probably be an intern for another 5 years.Good luck with your match with Brutas -ben.