Thursday, October 30, 2008

Very exciting stuff.

What is it with car chases? I remember, many many years ago, listening to an Expos game on the radio in my basement while I was working out. All of a sudden, the game was gone. And there was a car chase! On the radio! I was really sour. I mean, my Expos game was being pre-empted to follow some white Bronco on a slow-speed chase down a highway? Come on, media! When I discovered that O.J. Simpson was in that white Bronco, I...still didn't care. At all. Listening to a description of a slow-speed car chase is incredibly boring. And to this day, I still don't know who won that baseball game.

Perhaps the only thing more boring than a low-speed, celebrity-driven car chase, is a high speed car chase that involves no celebrity at all. Also, it is likely the least newsworthy item in the world. After all - how is it going to end? If you're watching it from a helicopter, here's how it will end - the guy will either be caught, or he will die. He will not escape. So why, when I was in the middle of Barack Obama's live speech on Tuesday, did MSNBC cut away from that actual news story to...a high-speed chase involving a mini-van? Further to that, why did I see that very same car chase when I switched channels? I understand FOX News flipping away from an Obama speech - they can tell us why he's a terrorist when it's done, whether we've seen that speech or not. But the other stations? What's happening here?

I watched for about three minutes, assuming that this was a momentary "Breaking News" item that would quickly go away. But it didn't. Clearly, they were going to watch this chase until it was over. And although perhaps it was newsworthy, in that there was a chance that it was the first high-speed minivan chase in history. I still switched it off, cursed O.J., and tried to find an Expos game on TV. Oh right. The world sucks.

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