Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today's Breaking Rock News rundown.

So, amid rumours that the remaining three members of Led Zeppelin (and I am including Jason Bonham as an official member of Zeppelin) are searching for a new lead singer, comes this staggering story: They are trying out Steven Tyler, frontman of Aerosmith. Tyler has apparently been attending secret rehearsals with the trio. In the meantime, his own band mates, in Aerosmith, are waiting for him to recover from a foot injury so they can put together their own album. Apparently, he would be more interested in fronting Zeppelin for a tour. Which is fine, but does anyone remember a few years ago when Tyler was asked to rank the importance of Aerosmith in the history of rock music? And he said - "well, we're behind the Rolling Stones, but way ahead of Led Zeppelin." Perhaps he has, in the intervening years, come to realize that compared to Zeppelin, Aerosmith can cram it with walnuts.

Ronnie Wood's daughter is pregnant. Now, this would not normally be news. Except that she didn't tell dad, becuase they are somewhat estranged right now, what with Wood having run out on his wife of 23 years to hang out with his teenage girlfriend. Who is, of course, several years younger than his daughter. And, in point of fact, will be much closer in age to the newborn grand-daughter than she is to Wood. In other Stones news, Bill Wyman's wife is now well into her forties...

Rocky Dickerson (a perfect name for a hair-metal keyboard player if I ever heard one) is forging ahead with his campaign to get Led Zeppelin a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, despite the fact that Jimmy Page thinks the idea is stupid and lame and sad. And Jimmy Page is right. It is stupid and lame and sad. Not as stupid or lame or sad, mind you, as bastardizing one of your classic songs with P. Diddy for the worst Godzilla movie of all time, but pretty lame nonetheless. Although I would say this for Mr. Dickerson - the idea of having a star is not lame, but the idea of wanting one is. So...everybody wins?

Bon Jovi is being sued for 400 billion dollars. That is not a typo. 400 billion dollars. Bart Steele, a Boston musician who wrote a song for the Red Sox, claims that the pretty-boy "rocker" ripped him off. And he wants compensation. Four hundred, billion dollars in compansation. He says he is a Bon Jovi fan, and posts this comment on his blog: “I never accused Bon Jovi of stealing lyrics or anything. I’ve been a fan for a long time which is also why this whole situation stinks. I only wanted fair credit and compensation for my work. Unfortunately, I’ve spent my past year learning the in’s and out’s of copyright laws…and they are very VAGUE!!!” Vague enough, I guess, that someone somewhere thinks they can get 400 BILLION dollars out of the band. Frankly, I hope this guy wins. It would serve Jon Bon Jovi right for his own litigious idiocy. Remember when he sued the makers of the "Mijovi" drink, because their name was too similar to his? Yeah. Screw Bon Jovi.

A fire in a warehouse owned by a company called Iron Mountain has claimed some valuable memorabilia belonging to the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Elton John, the Sex Pistols, and Duran Duran. OK, the "valuable" memorabilia belonged to the Stones, Bowie, Elton John and the Sex Pistols. The fire apparently claimed about $1.5 million dollars worth of rock n roll memorabilia. Iron Mountain is a company that exists to protect valuable items, and it is expected that they will be sued. Most likely, they will be sued for several trillion dollars.

AC/DC's album Black Ice has hit #1 in 29 different countries. They have sold well over a million copies worldwide in the past week, including an estimated 800,000 in the States. Argentina is to blame for preventing the album from hitting #1 in 30 countries - it was #2 in that country. I don't hold out much hope, however, for Black Ice continuing to sell at this pace - AC/DC has sold 5 million copies of CDs from their back catalogue this year as well, and that means that 5 million more people basically already have Black Ice.

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