Thursday, October 23, 2008

Don't forget to give my love to Rose

I don't care at all about the new Chinese Democracy album. You may have just read my post about that. I also cared very little about the new AC/DC album Black Ice. after all, I already have AC/DC's album, why would I want another copy? And I was slightly more interested in Death Magnetic, because I felt there was an off chance that Metallica could release another classic.

Over the past three or four months, as the editor-in-chief of Breaking Rock News, I have been innundated with stories and rumours and hints and leaks about these three albums. It started with Death Magnetic, and as soon as that album was released the stories died away. They were quickly replaced with the innuendo and the tasty morsels of news about Black Ice. And now that AC/DC have gone ahead and released that album, the news is now dominated by Chinese Democracy. And with every new Big Story, I care a little bit less. Frankly, I find the decision to go after that blogger that released the Chinese Democracy tracks online to be a great publicity ploy by Axl Rose's team of media assassins. It was one of the only ways to drum up coverage of an album that had been written off by most people and that was cared about by even fewer. I just hope they do the right thing once it is officially released, and drop the charges against Kevin Cogill and give him a nice, fat, millions-of-dollars bonus for helping to promote their dead fish.

That being said, I am still pretty happy with this whole situation. When the top albums usually belong to American Idol fourth-place finishers and the cast of High School Musical, at least maybe, just maybe, the furor surrounding these albums might convince kids to check out Master of Puppets, Appetite For Destruction and Back in Black.

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