Friday, October 31, 2008

Teletubbies. Seriously? Teletubbies.

For some bizarre reason I was dressed as a Teletubby this morning. Or is that Teletubbie? I'm not sure. I did some very brief research for the role, and I learned that Teletubbies are creatures that came from outer space with televisions in their bellies to convince children to watch more TV. That's about all I know. I wanted to be the purple one, Tinky Winky (take that, Dobson). But apparently that one is still the most popular (thank you, Dobson) and so it was sold out. So I had to be the yellow one, La La. I don't know why Doc decided to get me a Teletubby outfit. Or why he bizarrely equated the Teletubbies with the Lone Ranger throughout most of the week. There is a good chance that this is the early onset of some kind of dementia. At any rate, I was dressed as the yellow Teletubby. And then kids threw eggs at me. Here is a link.

You will note that every time we do one of these things, at least one kid gets the meanness of spirit and whips say, eggs, as hard as he can at me. You will also note that this event took place before it was light out, and we had to get cars to circle around and shine their headlights at us, in a bizarre and creepy re-creation of some of the late-night hockey games of my Canadian childhood.

Speaking of creepy, I decided to wear the costume for the rest of the day as well. I ran home quickly and threw it in the laundry, and hung it up to dry. By the time Hallowe'en came around, at about 6:30. I wore the suit all night, getting some freaked-out looks from little kids and some laughs from the adults. I took our boys out trick-or-treating, and they had creepy demon costumes. So did their two buddies, who came out with us. And yet, in a group with four demons and death-eaters and so forth, I stood out quite clearly as the creepy one. More people were frightened by me than by the kids. However, I did discover that a Teletubby costume gets a lot of attention from 13-year-old girls. Which was great, since we now know what costume to get our 13-year-old next year so he can pick up. My mom always said, you catch more girls with a Teletubby than with the Cryptkeeper.

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