Monday, October 6, 2008

Take that, David Blaine!

I think originally, the plan was to have me hang upside-down a la David Blaine for the whole morning. Thank goodness that never took place. I've been so sick this weekend I can only imagine what would have happened to my head had I been hung upside down all morning at our latest tour stop, the Wake The Neighbours stop in Kanata. This was one of the best ones so far, tons of people, lots of kids, and Jeff Rogers doing his thing in the living room. Once he got into it, he wanted to play more songs - after all, two songs isn't much of a gig when you had to get up that early in the morning. So he played more after we were off the air. The kids at the house had used chalk to write "Doc And Woody Show Here On Friday" on their driveway. A great time. Even for me, the human pinata.

And instead of being hung upside down (which I still suspect was the original plan), I became the human pinata. Perhaps a (little bit) less death-defying, but certainly more entertaining than David Blaine is. Check out the video of the human pinata. But first, check out the video of Jeff Rogers. He is far more impressive.


  1. Human pinata- sounds painful! You mentioned David Blaine and I actually found a very interesting post on him this morning. You should check it out!

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