Monday, October 6, 2008


For the first time in recent memory, I actually tuned in to Saturday Night Live on purpose. First of all, I was home sick. And secondly, we really wanted to see the latest Sarah Palin parody by Tina Fey. Frankly, after the opening skit, we stopped watching. And went back to Brotherhood. But we actually planned around watching that opening skit, which was once again brilliant. But now that the debates are over, what will they have to work with between now and election time? Well, here's hoping that she does more hilarious interviews with the "gotcha journalists" who "filter things" through the "mainstream media". Here's the latest sketch:

So now I turn to SNL for my political commentary. I wonder how much their ratings have shot through the roof since that original brilliant parody. Not only that, I find myself (embarassingly) watching The View every day. Just the beginning part, where they talk about politics. And I've always been rather ashamed of this, until reading an opinion piece in Newsweek that suggested that The View might well be one of the most important political discussion shows on television. Because at least the bias of each person is acknowledged ahead of time, and the viewers can filter the interviews through the lens of that bias. Or something. This is politics now. SNL and The View. And people are taking it seriously.

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